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Richard Chance

Richard Chance is a music producer, TV composer and theatrical director of 20 years. In the past five years he has scored eight prime time television documentaries, and released a record into the UK top 40. As a multi-instrumentalist his work in the music streaming realm has exceeded several million plays, and in the arena of live theatrical events Richard produces, directs and owns the trademark to the longest running show of it's type in the UK, Legends, a family business which has 25 years of goodwill and has been seen by 1.7 million people since 1990.

Documentaries scored:

Justin Lee Collins Living Las Vegas, Channel 5 - 2011

The Circus - ITV1 - 2011

Jennifer Saunders - Back In The Saddle - 2012

Harley Street - Sky Living - 2012

The Trouble With Mobility Scooters - BBC1 - 2013

Two Amigos - A Gaucho Adventure - 2014

Watermen - A Dirty Business - BBC1 - 2014

Restaurant Wars - The Battle For Manchester - BBC2 - 2014

Posh Pawn - 2013 - present day, four series.

Being Nice - short film, 2015